Fitness Friday – A Simple Agility Drill

Whether you’re a youngster still playing sports competitively, an octogenarian interested in preventing falls, or anyone in between, adding a few minutes of agility exercises to your day can vastly improve balance, response time and hand-eye coordination. Not only that, but doing agility exercises with a coordination component helps to strengthen the neural pathways between the brain and your muscles, according to this study from the University of Michigan.

I became inspired to work on my own agility after watching this video. I was amazed not only by this man’s incredible balance, coordination and agility, but also by his overall level of fitness and apparent cognitive function. His report that he can drive through rush-hour traffic steering with one hand may not be wise given the state of other drivers on the road these days, but it’s still very impressive. (One of the most terrifying 15 minutes of my life was spent in the passenger seat of an 80 year-old friend’s car as she drove the six blocks from her house to Walmart.)

After watching that video I thought, “I want to be able to do all that stuff when I’m 72!” Of course, one has to start small, so after practicing for a few days (in order not to completely embarrass myself), I made this short agility video as an introduction to those who want to start working on agility. I’ll post another, slightly more difficult video sometime soon (probably as soon as I’ve practiced that one enough not to completely embarrass myself.)

Enjoy! (Email subscribers, you’ll have to click through to read the post online in order to watch the video.)

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