Good Stuff: Better Than Bouillon

better-than-bouillon I’m gearing up to do a series of very simple recipes for you here on WCL but before I get started, I wanted to tell you about one of my shortcut ingredients: Better Than Bouillon broth concentrate. I add it to just about everything I make because it’s a quick and easy way to add great flavor to any savory dish.

Many regular grocery stores stock this product in a variety of flavors, and they have 100% vegan versions of the vegetable, mushroom and even chicken flavored concentrates. I pretty much exclusively use the vegetable base and I buy the organic, reduced sodium variety in the large, 16 oz. jar. I’ve only been able to find that particular variety online, and I get mine from Amazon.*

The concentrate is super easy to use and I prefer it to cubes because it’s possible to make really small quantities of broth, just by measuring out a little bit, rather than trying to break up bouillon cubes. The ratio is 1 tsp concentrate per cup of water and a 16 oz. jar makes 76 cups of broth. That’s about $1.15 per quart of broth – considerably cheaper than buying packaged organic, low-sodium vegetable stock.

Stay tuned for some great healthy recipes over the next couple of weeks!

*As always, I don’t have any affiliation with Better Than Bouillon, but if you click on the Amazon link above and buy the product┬áthere, Amazon will pay Well Curated Life a small commission of a few cents.


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