Wellness Challenge, Day 10: Change Your Inner Dialogue

Reboot Open Book Only three days until Christmas! I hope you’re taking some time away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy this holiday season. Today’s healthy habit challenge is all about taking a step back, drawing in a deep breath, and resetting your focus.

You know those bad things you say to yourself or about yourself? We all do it: “I have no willpower,” or “I look terrible today,” or “I’m not as good at ________ as that person is.” Thinking those things doesn’t do anyone a bit of good. In fact, thinking negative thoughts repeatedly over time can make those things seem more true than they actually are, and this creates real obstacles between you and your goals.

In my book, Reboot Your Body, I created an exercise to help readers break out of that cycle of negativity and rewrite a different narrative about who they are. This is an important first step in the process of permanent change. Borrowing from that exercise, today’s challenge is to take one negative thought or statement about yourself and turn it into its positive opposite. Then practice thinking or saying that thought at least ten times throughout the day. Here are a couple of examples:

Negative Thought: “I don’t have any willpower. I’m never going to lose this weight.”
Positive Thought: “I have the power to control my future. I am motivated and committed to eating healthy and exercising regularly.”

Negative Thought: “I hate this job. I’m never going to get out of here and do anything meaningful with my life.”
Positive Thought: “What I do is important because of __________, and I am learning ___________ from it. This job is an important stepping stone in my career.”

Negative Thought: “I’m fat! I look terrible in this outfit. I look terrible in everything!”
Positive Thought: “Losing some weight will be good for my health, but I’m content with the way I look right now.”

Whatever bad things you say about yourself, know that they are true in part only because you believe them, and you believe them primarily because you’ve made them part of your daily habit. Break that habit today by turning your negative dialogue into positive motivation.


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