Core Exercises for Everyone

Thinking About Spring

Spring is nearly here! I’m excited because I’ll finally be able to get off the treadmill and run outside. My dogs are excited because they’ll finally get out to sniff around for more than 3 minutes at a stretch.

Thoughts of warmer weather leads to thoughts of skimpier clothing. Now’s the perfect time to get serious about shedding those winter pounds and tone up for spring and summer.

The question I get most is “How can I lose this belly fat and tone my tummy?” The fat loss part is hard – the only way to lose fat is by creating a calorie deficit through diet and exercise, and, unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot reduction. The toning part is quite a bit easier, though. By following a safe and sound core exercise routine, you can not only tighten and sculpt your abs, but you can strengthen the rest of your core – the muscles of the hips, glutes and lower back. Doing so can improve posture and reduce strain and pain in the lower back.

For today’s Fitness Friday workout, click through to this article that I wrote for the PBS web site,┬á And enjoy the warmer weather!

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