The Only Diet Tip You Need

If you have to read the label, you’re still doing it wrong!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new weight loss coaching platform that I’m really excited about. For the first time ever, I’m offering specific dietary guidance to a test group of clients. While the final iteration of this program is still months away, what I’ve seen so far has been truly amazing. It’s exciting to be putting together a program that could potentially change hundreds or thousands of lives. What’s surprising about this “new” program is that there is nothing new about it at all. There are only two guidelines I’m using to develop the recipes and meal plans: Eat plant-based and eat whole foods. In short, if you have to read the label, you’re still doing it wrong.

The beautiful thing about this program is that it works for everyone. Of course it’s great for losing weight, but I’m also testing it out on a couple of athletes. The age range of the test subjects spans decades, and they come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I can’t wait to see what’s happened with each of them at the end of the 4-week initial trial period. I’ll write a follow-up post here then and share the results with you. To be sure you don’t miss it, subscribe to my RSS feed, or get posts sent right to your inbox by filling in your email address and clicking “Subscribe” in the upper right-hand side bar, shown here:subscribe-hereYou can start changing your life today, simply by following the two guidelines: Eat plant-based and eat whole foods. Put down that box, bag or can and pick up some fresh produce, legumes and whole grains. Give your body more of the nutrients it needs and fewer empty calories. I promise you’ll start to feel amazing in just a few days.

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