Feel the Thunder!

thunderclap Do you have a product, service or event you’d like to promote? Could your crowdfunding campaign use a boost? Then a Thunderclap campaign could be right for you.

Thunderclap.it is a social media marketing firm that helps individuals and businesses promote their products, services or events at a very low cost. The basic idea behind a “thunderclap” is simple: Send out a single promotional message at one time across all campaign supporters’ social media accounts. Here’s an example of how it works:

I currently have a Thunderclap campaign going to promote my book, Reboot Your Body. I signed up for the smallest campaign goal – 100 supporters. I set a campaign deadline for December 31st (hoping to capitalize on peoples’ wishes to start the new year off with some healthy habit changes). I then promoted my campaign with daily posts on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, asking my friends and followers to sign up to support my campaign. Those who were willing, clicked through to my Thunderclap campaign page and then elected to support the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any combination of the three. By doing so, each supporter agreed to let Thunderclap send out a single promotional post to all of their friends and followers on December 31st.

As the creator of the campaign, I got to write the promotional post. It had to be limited to 140 characters so that the same message could be shared across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I was allowed to put a link in the post (in my case, to Reboot’s Amazon page). As each supporter signs up to support the campaign, my social reach grows by the number of their friends or followers. At the time of this writing, I have 84 supporters for a combined total reach of over 75,000! That means that, if I get 16 more supporters by the morning of December 31st, my promotional message will be posted, tweeted and tumbled at exactly 12:00 pm EST to thousands of people in a single instant!

A basic Thunderclap campaign is free to create, but you can upgrade to paid versions that allow you to track supporters, adjust your campaign end date, embed videos on your campaign page and more. Paid plans start at $45. If you have a product launch or other event coming up, Thunderclap could be an important part of your social marketing campaign. If you’ve used other social marketing services, I’d love to hear about them! Leave me a comment below or on my Facebook page.

If you’re reading this post before December 31st, you can still support my Thunderclap campaign for Reboot Your Body. Thanks!

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