Get The Most Out of Summer

Now that summer is here, the days are incredibly long where I live (it was light out at 4:40 a.m. here this morning, and it will stay light until well after 9:00 p.m.). It’s true that I get less sleep in the summer, but all of that daylight energizes me and makes me want to get the most out of every sun-filled minute. To help me do that, I try to stick to a few habits in the summertime. I thought I’d share those habits with you today.

Rise and Rest With the Sun
Admittedly, this can be tough to do for the first few days, but when I do align my sleep cycle with the sun, I feel amazing! The best part – getting all of my work for the day done before noon.

Eat Seasonal Treats
To me, nothing symbolizes summer more than roaming the aisles at my local farmer’s market, filling a couple of canvas bags with whatever looks irresistible, and then planning a week’s-worth of healthy meals using those fresh, local finds. Well, except maybe biking to my local ice cream shop and ordering a hand-scooped vegan cone. These are the things I’ll dream about longingly come February.

Enjoy Summer Sippers
In the summertime, I like to turn hydration into a creative experiment. My go-to favorite is the fruit or citrus spritzer: squeeze 1/4 of a citrus fruit or muddle a few fresh berries in the bottom of a tall glass, add ice, fill with bubbly water, stir and enjoy. If you’re so inclined, you can make this into a light cocktail by adding half an ounce of any clear liquor, but it tastes so good on its own, you won’t miss the extra calories if you leave that part out.

Make Errands an Adventure
All summer long, I like to take every opportunity to get outside. This means that I hardly drive anywhere, opting to walk or bike instead if at all possible. I invested in a simple rack and a couple of nice panniers (saddle bags) for my bike a few years ago, and they allow me to use pedal power rather than petrol for just about anything I need to do.

Take Your Workouts to the Park
My gym membership doesn’t get as much use during the summer because I try to exercise outdoors at least three or four days per week. Jogging, hiking, cycling and bodyweight exercises in the park are my go-to workouts from May to October. At least once a week, I try to get out of the city and immerse myself in nature, which is as beneficial for my mental health as it is for my body.

What summertime rituals do you have? Share them with the WCL community on our Facebook page.


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