Exercise Intensity: Are You Getting it Wrong?

next-avenueExercise intensity can be tricky business. Far and away, most Americans don’t exercise often or vigorously enough. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reported in 2013 that 80 percent of americans do not meet the (arguably low) government guidelines of 2 1/2 hours of moderate physical activity per week. But among the remaining 20 percent, those¬†who regularly exercise too hard or for too long could be putting their health at risk, too. Recent studies have found that daily moderate activity¬†punctuated with short bouts of high-intensity exercise once or twice per week seems to be the best formula for health and longevity.

This week, NextAvenue, a PBS website dedicated to serving the 50 and over crowd, published an article I wrote on this very topic. To learn all about exercise intensity and how you can maximize your health and longevity, read it here.


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