My First Book Review

PWIconThose of you who follow Well Curated Life on Facebook or Twitter have probably heard the great news already, but just in case you didn’t, here it is: Yesterday, Publisher’s Weekly posted a review of Reboot Your Body and it was a stellar one! I don’t know which employee there read my book and wrote the review, but whoever you are, thank you, thank you, thank you!

You can go to the PW website and read the review there, but I’m also going to paste the text of the review here to make it easy for everyone to read (and so that my email subscribers can read the review in their inbox, rather than having to open their browser and go online). Here it is:

“Personal trainer and health coach Brown opens her book with the statement that “obesity is all in your head.” Her underlying thesis is that creating new “neural pathways” in the brain by developing new habits of thought and behavior around diet and exercise is the key to lasting weight loss. What follows is a well-constructed manual, like a coach in book form, to understanding the psychology (which is different for each person) behind overeating and under-exercising, and adjusting diet and activity to lose large amounts of weight slowly. Both practical and well-researched, the book is realistic (only about 20% of dieters who lose a considerable amount of weight can maintain the loss for more than a year) yet optimistic. Each chapter contains written exercises and “character studies” demonstrating how clients have interpreted them. Brown begins by telling readers how to analyze their diets and come up with desirable changes, then does the same for physical activity. Chapters on handling “weight-loss plateaus” and maintaining a specific weight are also helpful. Encouraging without being prescriptive, the book does not tout any one diet or exercise regime. The focus is on tackling obesity, but those interested in losing smaller amounts of weight will also find Brown’s suggestions helpful. An essential companion to lifestyle change. (Aug.)”

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