Rich Roll’s Cookbook Coup d’État

the-plantpower-way Two days after it hit bookstands, I ordered a copy of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s new book: The Plantpower Way. Having read it from cover to cover, I can say that it has found a permanent home on my coffee table and it will be a valuable resource for years to come.

Before you buy the book, you should know that Rich Roll doesn’t do anything half way. He’s an all-in kind of guy, and this book reflects that about him. Ingredients, kitchen gadgets and cooking skills matter here. If you don’t currently know the difference between a paring knife and a garlic press, there are kinder, gentler transitional books you might consider working your way through first. But if you’re ready to really change your life beginning with what you put in your mouth, there may be no better book to get you there.

Here are the four reasons why I think everyone should read this book:

1. It’s Transformational

As a cookbook it has a few drawbacks, as all cookbooks do, but The Plantpower Way is so much more than that. It truly is a transformational lifestyle book. The recipes are just one part of a story that Rich and Julie illustrate for those who want to transform themselves and start partaking of the good life. I won’t say that all of the tools you need to transform yourself are here entirely, but they are all introduced to you, with plenty of encouragement for you to explore further and find out more on your own.

2. It’s Inspirational

The Plantpower Way is full of the wisdom and philosophy that Rich and Julie live their lives by, showing you how a man turning 40 could go from an overweight heart attack waiting to happen to a world-class athlete in a span of months. Reading the little details and family “secrets” woven between the recipes helps to further paint the picture of what this healthy lifestyle is all about. Reading those snippets and looking at the photos, I found myself energized and motivated to take my own lifestyle habits to the next level.

3. It’s Beautiful

The photos, the stories, the graphics, the layout – they all come together to create something that is less like a book and more like a carefully choreographed experiential art form. It’s a cookbook that you will want to read cover to cover, flagging and marking your favorite pictures, passages and recipes throughout.

4. The Chia Pudding!

Page 138. That’s all I’m going to say.

Get your copy here!

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