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Who we are is a direct result of what we let surround us.

I love the idea of a life that’s well curated; that I shouldn’t only be careful about what I put out – what get’s associated with me or my brand – but also of what I let in. Who we are and what we leave behind is a direct result of what we let surround us. Health, love, friendship, community, contribution – these are the foundational elements of a Well Curated Life.

There is much of little value that can seep in and saturate our lives if we aren’t careful, or intentional, about how we choose to spend the short time we have here. For me, it’s about knowing what my values are, pausing to consider the options before me, then making a conscious choice to act in line with those values. It requires living in the moment and being an active participant in life, rather than a bystander who just lets life run on autopilot. It means creating habits that serve to nourish and strengthen body and soul at the foundational level, and abandoning those habits that merely gratify the fleeting wants that float near the surface.

When I launched Well Curated Life, I envisioned a communal space, a place of discovery and conversation. I invite you to join that conversation, either by commenting on the posts in the blog, or by connecting on social media. I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned in my forty-odd years here, and I ask you to share your thoughts, questions, opinions and experiences with me and the rest of our community.

Health, happiness, wisdom and prosperity are for everyone. I believe that living the good life starts with making good choices.


Professional: I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise since 2008 and an ACE Certified Health Coach since 2013. In the spring of 2015 I also added the ACE Fitness Nutritional Specialist designation to my credentials. Since 2008 I’ve provided about 7,000 hours of one-on-one and small group training and coaching to clients in the greater Twin Cities metro area and online all over the country. I developed and still maintain a close relationship with many of my past clients, which is what I love most about my job. I currently offer plant-based weight loss coaching and performance training to clients in the Twin Cities area and online. I also write about running for Active.com and for New Balance, and I cover general health and wellness topics for the PBS website NextAvenue.org. In August of 2015 my first book, Reboot Your Body: Unlocking the Genetic Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss was published.

Personal: I work and live in beautiful Saint Paul, MN with my wife, Laura, and our dog, Zoey. I love books, movies that surprise me at the end, the occasional craft beer, any outdoor activity except camping, animals, jazz divas, art of nearly any medium, genre or time period, The New Yorker magazine, water sports that do not involve motors, dessert, summers in Minnesota, and winters anywhere else.

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Be healthy, be happy, be wise, and remember – It’s your life. Choose wisely!