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Change Your Life, For Good!

This past summer, five volunteers completed the Reboot Your Body 10-Week Weight Loss Challenge – a 10-week virtual program designed to give them the tools they needed to change their lives, lose weight and keep it off for good.

The participants of the challenge provided me with feedback along the way, which allowed me to tweak and perfect the program with the end goal of creating a product that can truly help anyone reach their weight loss goals.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about their experience and what they learned as they worked through the 10-week program:

  •  I caught myself protecting things that I didn’t even know were “things” for me. Like ordering a basket of fries to share with friends. When I heard my inner voice say, “What?!? It’s not like you’re alone at the drive-through—that would be a problem. This is social.” That’s when I knew French fries were going to be a barrier.
  • Much of what had been holding me back was rooted in things that seemed to have little (or nothing) to do with food and exercise. For example, the stress of keeping myself busy (busy, busy), and the lie that if only I had more time, then I would attend to my health.
  • The Reboot Challenge has opened my eyes to a deeper sense of my weight problem.  By completing the exercises in the beginning, I discovered the contributing factors to my past and current struggle with my weight.  I have learned and accepted that my weight problem is more than a physical issue, it has much deeper roots.  I feel the Reboot challenge has helped me tap into this and realize that I will need to frequently reflect on these issues as I continue to move forward.  The importance of looking at the whole picture has been very beneficial as well.
  • My clothes are fitting better: my jeans aren’t so tight; I can comfortably cinch my belt to the 3rd hole (I was getting closer to to the 5th hole when we started) my rings go on/come off easily. I have become increasingly physically active. With only one exception, I have gotten outside for exercise daily over the past two weeks. I’m actually doing some yoga in my home a couple days a week. I am eating more fruits and vegetables, and I’m wasting less food via spoilage. I’m making better choices when we eat out: no desserts, no sugared drinks. I’ve even been refraining from French fries, even when they’re within easy reach on someone else’s plate. When I do have “slips,” I’m not berating myself. Instead I make a mental note that I need to do something differently next time—that I’m going to need to be more honest with myself, and more intentional about problem areas/barriers.

If you’re ready to make similar discoveries about what’s really been holding you back from reaching your goals, sign up for the Reboot Your Body 10 Weeks to Weight Loss Program today. At $300 for 10 weeks of coaching, the program is incredibly affordable, but because this is the first time I’m offering it, you have the opportunity to get an even better deal: Just $150 for 10 weeks of one-on-one coaching.

Don’t mistake this program for the usual, automated email delivery variety. (You’ll notice there are no “buy now” buttons or shopping carts, just a simple contact form, so we can start a dialogue one-on-one.) Here you will get intensive, personalized coaching directly from me – a weight loss expert and fitness coach with years of experience and a track record of proven success. Read what one of my clients has to say about her experience working with me:

When I decided to change my body I knew I needed to start with changing my mind. As a CEO and mom of three teenagers, I’d been putting everyone’s needs ahead of my health for a long time. Rashelle Brown has been the perfect trainer, coach, nutrition adviser and accountability partner. Six months into my journey I’ve lost 25 pounds and completely changed my relationship with food. And exercise. My joint pain is gone, and I’m moving like a fit, athletic person for the first time in a decade. 

Rashelle’s book, “Reboot Your Body,” was the roadmap to changing my mind and body. The exercises provide the optimal balance between the past and future. First I discovered the limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding me back — and then we focused on the go-forward plan. Moving through the book was revealing, hard, uplifting and so necessary. To move forward, I had to see what was holding me back. Rashelle was with me, exercise for exercise, to guide, cheer, question and push me when the going got tough.

I’ve tried and failed to make the change to better health so many times. It was the combination of Rashelle Brown and “Reboot Your Body,” that provided the breakthrough I needed to rediscover the joys of a healthy body and healthy mind. At age 52, I am the strongest, healthiest and most energized I’ve been in years – and I know the best is yet to come.

Lisa H.

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