Read What My Past and Present Clients Have to Say

Rashelle’s influence in my life has changed my perspective from one of “always dieting” to “new lifestyle.” I am resistant to new ideas, lazy, unmotivated, and probably whiny, but she has taken it all in stride. She motivates me by encouraging me without being pushy, supporting me without me feeling I can’t be honest or I might disappoint her, and she truly makes me want to do better. I am so thankful for the new way to look at food and exercise; my weight loss journey is not over by any means, but this time I feel that the changes I have made are lasting and I thank Rashelle for her expertise and patience throughout the process.

– Beth B., New Richmond, WI (Virtual Coaching Client)


I trained with Rashelle for two years and can honestly say that she changed my health, my approach to fitness, and my life. With firm guidance and unfailing kindness she gave me tools I will use the rest of my life to stay strong, active, and healthy. Rashelle has the knowledge and patience to help her clients tackle all obstacles weather physical, mental or emotional. And she doesn’t need a fancy gym to do it. I swear the toughest workouts were climbing stairs and the high intensity interval training on the front lawn. Everyone should collapse after 10 “Atta-Girls” and everyone should have a trainer like Rashelle to help pick them back up.

– Sophia K., Minneapolis, MN


Rashelle helped me get to the bottom of my weight issue, and her book and weekly conversations inspired me to writie about why I want to be healthy. I dropped 30 lbs, in the first five weeks and then another 10. I have retained the same weight now for 6 months… simply by eating veggies and avoiding dairy products, bread, meat, sugar and alcohol (as much as possible), while drinking a great deal of water daily!

Rashelle has also inspired me to exercise daily… She cares and she is comfortable challenging me when I need to be challenged!

– Paul B., St. Paul, MN


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