A New Way to Support WCL

amazon logo amazon associates programGreetings WCL fans! A few months ago, you might have noticed the addition of a few inconspicuously placed (I hope) ads on the website. This was my first attempt at defraying some of the costs of maintaining this blog. Along those same lines, today I’m introducing the WCL Amazon Associates Program. I’m sure you’ve seen this on other blogs and websites, but if you haven’t, here’s how it works:

You’re reading a great blogpost here on WCL and notice that I’ve created a link to a product I’m recommending or a book I’m reviewing. If you click on that link, you’ll be taken to a page at Amazon.com showcasing that item or a group of items within a category. So, for example, if you want to browse the Ukulele Stands available on Amazon, you can just click on that link here in the post and you’ll be taken to a page on Amazon displaying ukulele stands. If you find one you like and buy it, WCL will get a few cents from the sale. What’s even better, if you happen to find other items you want or need and buy them during the same browsing session, I’ll get a small commission on your entire purchase – whether you buy a ukulele stand or not!

In addition to links within the text, I’ve created an Amazon banner over in the right-hand sidebar, just above the Archives. This is so that you can easily find and click the link to Amazon, do your online shopping there, and WCL will get a small commission on anything you buy during that session.

I want to assure you that this program will in no way affect my strict objectivity and honesty when discussing or reviewing products, books, etc. I just figured that since I generally only write about things I love here on WCL, and since I occasionally provide links to Amazon so that readers can purchase those things, I might as well set up the affiliate program to help fund the website. Thanks so much for your support!

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