12 Days of Wellness, Day 6: Take the Stairs

Photo by Juan Barahona, Flickr
Photo by Juan Barahona, Flickr

It’s only a week until Christmas!! I hope you’ve been following along and keeping up with the 12 Days of Wellness Challenge so far.

Today’s challenge asks you to work more NEAT into your day. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is any activity you do throughout the day that doesn’t come in the form of a structured, formal workout.

In Chapter 10 of my book, Reboot Your Body, I go into great detail about how you can use exercise to lose weight and keep it off. But near the end of that chapter, I also touch upon the fact that even if you exercised for 30 minutes every day, that still leaves around 930 waking minutes of not exercising every day, and many of us spend most of those minutes being fairly sedentary.

By incorporating more NEAT into each day, you can take advantage of those 930 minutes and boost your overall health while burning more calories. So today, take the stairs, park far away from your destination (or walk instead of driving, if possible), work standing up, pace while talking on the phone – generally look for any opportunity to get in a few seconds of activity here and there. Do this every day, and the cumulative effects can really add up!

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