Weight Loss Coaching 2.0

rashelle-brown-vegan-weight-loss-coachSome of you may have been following me long enough to remember the days when Well Curated Life was MN Fitness Blogger and I was a full-time personal trainer who only wrote very sporadically. In 2012, I wanted to take my training in a new direction and focus primarily on weight loss coaching, so I spent four months obtaining the ACE Health Coach certification, an advanced certification focussing on weight loss, weight management and forming lifelong wellness habits.

As I was studying the material for that certification, I began encountering new information and research for the first time, and I felt strongly that I needed to find a way to share that vital information with as many people as possible. At the same time, I began changing the way I worked with my weight loss clients, first addressing the root causes behind each individual’s weight issues, and then moving on to tackle the day-to-day actions necessary to effect lasting change. The results were astounding. Clients systematically lost weight every week and reported feeling happier, more confident, more energetic and generally healthier as they did so. Now I knew I needed to get the word out, so I began writing my book, Reboot Your Body: Unlocking the Genetic Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss.

In the busy time between when I landed an agent and a publisher and when I needed to turn in the completed draft of my manuscript, I let my client load drop to zero through attrition. I stopped taking on new clients. I started writing freelance articles for other wellness websites. I consciously traded in my career as a fitness professional for one as a wellness writer, and I was pretty happy. For awhile.

With my book scheduled to come out later this month and three regular columns to write every week, I am busier than ever, but for the past few months, I have known that my professional life was missing something. That something is the one-on-one interaction that coaching and training has to offer. Helping many people through books and articles and blogposts is a wonderful thing, but it is a very different thing than connecting directly with an individual and facing the challenges they encounter alongside them. So, I’ve decided to return to coaching and training, but not in exactly the same way as before.

In an effort to align my personal values with my professional knowledge and expertise, I’ve decided to offer entirely plant-based weight loss coaching and athletic performance training. What?! What does that even mean? Well, it means that I’ll provide coaching services and personal training to individuals who are willing to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, at least for the period of time they are working with me. I’ve already anticipated the questions that are likely to pop up around this decision (namely, “Why?”) so I have answered them in advance on my Coaching Services page.

If you’re interested in coaching or training, either in person or virtually, check it out. If you have more questions, send me a message on the Contact form. I’m excited to be back, and I look forward to working with you!


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