Be Wise

It’s true that wisdom comes with experience, but what really makes a person wise?

Like happiness, wisdom can be tough to define, and it means different things to different people.

Here at Well Curated Life, topics on wisdom will include those things that make up our foundation of security – work and productivity, organization, personal finance.

The philosophy here is not quite one of minimalism, but what I’d call instead, The De-Cluttered Life. It’s a philosophy that rejects the “accumulation of more” and challenges the mainstream definitions of success and wealth. But it also does not call for a lifestyle that is austere or sterile in any way. It says that once you’ve built a solid foundation of security and taken care of your basic needs, then it’s time to very carefully choose what else you add.

Here you’ll find posts on productivity, getting things done and finding work that is fulfilling. There will also be posts that address financial responsibility and the dangers of trying to buy happiness. Loving what you have and surrounding yourself with space rather than things will also be common themes.

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